Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Clinical Directors

Dr Mark Boon

My name is Mark Boon , I am a full time GP at Conisbrough Group practice . I was born in Spalding and I am proud to be the first of my family to go to university . I was drawn to medicine through having a kind family doctor and seeing my parents  working nearly every day and night supporting people in the town – not in a consulting room but behind the bar of the pub that they ran.

I completed medical training at the Royal Free in Hampstead and my GP training in Fulham and after a few years working in the capital I took a job in Darnall , Sheffield and in 2001, myself and an old friend applied successfully to take over a small practice in Conisbrough. The practice was struggling as it was hard to find Doctors to come and we had a vision to offer the best possible care and improve the health care provision in an area that needed it

Over the years the practice has grown from those small shoots to a large training and teaching practice . I now train other GP’s and support research in practice and have always loved working within our team .

I became one of the Primary care network directors for South Doncaster in 2010 .This has been a great opportunity to work with neighbouring practices and work with colleagues to once again see if we can create a vibrant network that aims on a larger scale to improve the health of our population.

Dr David Coleman

Hello, my name is David Coleman and I’m one of the clinical directors at the network. I work as a GP at Conisbrough Group Practice, where I have been a partner for the last 11 years. I’m passionate about addressing health inequalities, cancer, learning disabilities, and helping people in the network to engage in more physical activity. One of the projects I’m most proud of is our joint enterprise with Public Health Doncaster to set up a Couch to 5km running group in Conisbrough.

Dr Khaimraj Singh

(Bio coming soon..)

PCN Staff

Katherine Phillips

Digital and Transformation Lead

I was appointed as the South Primary Care Network Coordinator in February 2022 after working in the South PCN as a Care Coordinator for approximately 14 months.  As the Primary Care Network Coordinator I support the PCN Clinical Directors, Practice Managers, and ARRS team to ensure the smooth running of the Network including contributing to strategic and operational planning processes and coordinate the delivery of PCN services and other projects arising on behalf of the Network.

Laura Szilardi

Pure Physio

Hi everyone!

My name is Laura and I am one of the First Contact Physiotherapist for Doncaster South Primary Care Network (PCN). I joined the PCN in January 2021 alongside Pure Physiotherapy. I studied Physiotherapy at Semmelweis University in Hungary, then moved to Sheffield in 2017 to continue my studies. I graduated at Sheffield Hallam University, MSc Advancing Physiotherapy Practice in 2019. My subject of interest was Pain Management. Ever since I have worked in the Private Sector as well as the NHS and gained a wealth of experience in the MSK field.

The aim of the FCP role is to first assess and triage patients with any MSK conditions. We can provide a thorough assessment to identify the problem and find the best way to manage it or refer the patients further for specialist treatments or investigations. By this, the patients could get a specialist appointment quicker and we can also ease the load on the GP surgeries’ staff.

I am enthusiastic and passionate to help people to understand their pain and problem and together make a shared decision how to manage and improve their condition. I look forward to continuing with my development in this role and work in a multidisciplinary team to benefit both the PCN as well as the patients.

Adam Davies​​

Pure Physio

Helen Dinneen​

Pure Physio

Chitsidzo Mutamba​

Pure Physio

I am a First Contact Physiotherapist. My role is to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment or referral for musculoskeletal problems on a patient’s first contact at the GP surgery.

Emma Nelthorpe​

Mental Health Clinical ​Practitioner​

Samantha Kimmling​


Sajida Perveen​

Physician Associate

Charlotte Proctor​​

Nursing Associate

Sophia Chandler​

Nursing Associate

Snigdha Suresh​

Chronic Pain

I am Snigdha, after qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2018, I worked with a Musculoskeletal clinic. With an interest to learn more and excel, I have pursued my Masters in Advanced Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. I have worked in MSK and Pelvic Health in an out-patient setting in the UK since then. While working with the NHS, I developed a special interest in Chronic Pain management, this led me to start my journey with pain management services by Rehab Direct.

I am currently working as Specialist Pain Management Physiotherapist supporting patients with long term pain conditions. As part of my role, I carry out patient needs assessments, educate patients on persistent pain, help patients with achieving their goals and improve their quality of life. I am highly committed to providing the highest quality of care and continually improve my practice.

Joanne Coltham​​

Chronic Pain

Kady Shepley​​

Chronic Pain

Megan Lock​​​

Frailty Service

Gill Shearer​​​

Frailty Service

Mandy Willis​​​

Social Prescriber

Michelle Buckley​

Social Prescriber

Hi, I’m Michelle Buckley,

I’m a Social Prescribing Advisor working with in the South PCN. I have been in post for almost 9 years now.

I enjoy my role and in particular the privilege of visiting people in their own home, sitting and chatting to them, looking at what’s important to them and discussing together the different support options to improve their health and wellbeing.

Claire Leggott​

Social Prescriber

Elaine Ormston​​

Social Prescriber

Hi, I’m Elaine Ormston and I have been a Social Prescribing Advisor/Link Worker since October 2022. I am currently working with the South PCN

Prior to joining Doncaster Social Prescribing, I worked as a Scheme Manager for 10 years with MHA, who support people to “Live Later Life Well”. This role allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience of people’s support needs, which I have been able to transfer to my current role.

I love working within the South PCN which allows me to continue supporting people with a wide variety of social needs that can’t be solved with tablets or medical interventions.

Through a 1 to 1 meeting, an assessment, time for you and a person-centred approach, people can identify their own solutions from a range of options. I then support people to connect with the most appropriate service, community group or organisation, to manage and improve their situation, empowering them to better manage their own health and wellbeing, achieving a greater quality of life.

Lucy Hayes​

Social Prescribing Councillor 

Dhiren Patel​​​

Health & Wellbeing Coache

Ivana Straska

Health & Wellbeing Coache

Matthew Spencer

Clinical Pharmacist

Hello everyone, I started with the PCN at the end of March 2021 as a clinical pharmacist. I studied pharmacy at the University of East Anglia until 2014 and qualified as a pharmacist in 2015. Until starting with the PCN I worked as a community pharmacist and a pharmacy manager.

I started on the primary care pharmacy education pathway in May 2021, where I am learning a wide range of new skills that improve my current knowledge and tailor my practice to working with a multidisciplinary team in primary care. Since starting with the PCN I have been helping practices with medicines advice queries, medication review appointments, clinical letters and working with the other pharmacists in the PCN to aim to fulfil the network contract DES.

I look forward to continuing this learning and developing my role in the future for the benefit of patients and surgeries I work with.

Osama Madlom

Clinical Pharmacist

Hi everyone, my name is Osama and I’m a pharmacist with 23 years’ experience. I joined PCD in March 2022 after 22 years in the community pharmacy sector. I relish the challenge of helping patients in our PCN. My areas of interest include diabetes and de prescribing dependence forming medications. I am looking forward to making a difference to the health of our patients in the months and years to come.

Saira Nair

Clinical Pharmacist

Hello everyone! My name is Saira Nair and I am one of the Clinical Pharmacists for Doncaster South Primary Care Network. I have been qualified as a pharmacist for 5 years and studied pharmacy at the University of Huddersfield. I joined the PCN in December 2020 and before that I worked as a community pharmacist and pharmacy manager.

Since joining the PCN I have enrolled onto a structured training programme in May 2021, which has allowed me to learn and develop a whole set of new skills as well as improve my current knowledge. In my role I have been helping practices with processing clinic letters and hospital discharges, audit work, medicine advice queries and conducting medication reviews. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside different members of staff from the PCN at the COVID vaccination sites.

I look forward to continuing my learning and develop my role in the future which will allow me to work alongside a multidisciplinary team, for the benefit of patients and practices.

Taranjit Panghli

Clinical Pharmacist

My name is Taranjit Panghli. I started with PCN in March 2022 as a Clinical Pharmacist. I studied Pharmacy at the University of Portsmouth and qualified as a Pharmacist in 2011. I previously worked as a Community Pharmacist for over a decade in several roles including Pharmacy manager and a relief Pharmacist.

I started on the primary care pharmacy education pathway in May 2022 which is helping me learn new skills and build on the wide range of skills I have from my Community Pharmacy experience. The pathway is helping me improve my knowledge and integrate me into primary care. Since starting with the PCN I have been helping practices with medication queries, structured medication reviews, clinical letters and working with the other Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians in the PCN to help improve the care of our patients.

I am passionate about bringing my skills as a Pharmacist to help patients and the GP practices into our network and through the pathway programme developing into a skilled Clinical Pharmacist to improve patient care across our network.

Leah Naish​

Clinical Pharmacist

Seddy Makwinja

Clinical Pharmacist

Daniel Jenkins

Pharmacy Technician

My name is Dan.  I am a Pharmacy Technician working in the Doncaster South Primary Care Network. I joined the PCN in January 2022 after 12 years of working in community Pharmacy in Doncaster and surrounding areas. I am enrolled on the CPPE Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway which is an education and development programme for pharmacy professionals working in primary care network (PCN) roles such as general practice and care homes.

As a Pharmacy Technicians I assist our practices with clinical, technical, and administrative tasks. Pharmacy Technicians like me and Debbie help our surgeries process clinic letters from consultants and hospital discharges, perform medicines audits, medicine advice queries, conduct medication reviews and help with drug monitoring. We work with other clinicians to enable patients to get the most from their medicines, appliances, and inhalers.

I had the pleasure of providing admin support for our vaccinators at care home visits and helping with the COVID-19 and FLU vaccine rollout at one of our walk-in centres in Rossington. I work closely with our Care-coordinators and local community Pharmacies to enable patients to get access to their local and national NHS funded services.

Debbie Kingston

Pharmacy Technician

Hi there, my name is Debbie Kingston. I am one of the Pharmacy Technicians working within the Doncaster PCN South where I joined in Nov 2020, previously being employed as a technician in community pharmacy. I will use my experience, skills and knowledge to support the GP practices and Pharmacists to meet the requirements of the PCN DES.

In March 2021 I enrolled on the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway where I have attended webinars, workshops and completed courses and assessments to help me gain the clinical knowledge and skills to improve health outcomes and the quality of patient care at the GP practices I cover.

Since I started, I have supported GP practices with their daily tasks including prescription queries, hospital/discharge letters completed audits. I have also been involved in the Covid Vaccination programme at Dearne Valley.

I look forward to taking on new roles and developing my skills as a Pharmacy Technician and working as part of a multidisciplinary team to continue to support patients and GP Practices.

Claire Platts​

Pharmacy Technician

My name is Claire.

I am one of the pharmacy technicians for south PCN, working across surgeries within the south of Doncaster.

My main job is medicine optimisation and providing advice to patients, so they get the best outcome from their medication. 

I have recently joined the team in January 2023, coming from community pharmacy where I worked for seven years. 

Being a pharmacy technician in the PCN is very different to working in the community. I feel more part of a team and I can use my skills and knowledge a lot more. 

I do find the job more of a challenge, but so rewarding at the same time. There is a lot to learn, but also room to progress along the way. I like that I am able to meet a wider range of people from different multidisciplinary teams.  

My move from community to the PCN was defiantly the best career move I have made. 🙂 

Joanne Race

Pharmacy Technician

Claire Clifton

Care Coordinator

Hello! I’m Claire and I have been a Care Coordinator for Doncaster South Primary Care Network since March 2022. My background prior to joining the PCN was in Administration.

There are many areas of work that our team help to support practices with, including Covid Vaccinations and Learning Disability Annual Health Checks, as well as inviting patients to medication checks, Cervical Screening, and hypertension screening. I am also co-Lead for Health Inequalities in our PCN; in this role I have been collaborating with both the ARRS team and other agencies to look at ways our teams can help to improve the health of those experiencing inequalities in our area. I am also part of the team which manages assessment appointments for our Frailty and Chronic Pain Support Services.

I look forward to continuing this work with both ARRS and practice colleagues to help improve the services and care that our practices provide for the residents of South Doncaster.

Daniel Whitelock

Care Coordinator

Hello, I am Daniel Whitelock, initially a temporary Care Co-ordinator from June 2021 assisting with the Covid Vaccinations as a site administrator. I became permanent in September 2021 taking on new roles and responsibilities and assisting Kat and Gemma. Previously I have had experience working as a Support Worker in the Homeless and Vulnerable adult sector, a Prison Custody Officer and then working for the NHS CAMHS as an administrator. With these previous skills I look forward to implementing them as a Care Co-ordinator for Primary Care Doncaster South.

Jane Gills

Care Coordinator

Hi, I am Jane Gills, Care Coordinator working in the Doncaster South Primary Care Network.  

My working background is in administration and co-ordination, finance, and purchasing.

I began working for Primary Care Doncaster in January 2021 as a Care Coordinator for Central PCN practices working with a team of Pro-Active Care Nurses, whom I learnt a lot from.  I also worked on the Covid vaccination programme, supporting vaccine centres and the patient booking line. In December 2021 I moved across to work with the South PCN team.  

From joining Primary Care Doncaster in January 2021, I have developed my skills and knowledge further, whilst utilising the skills gained in previous roles.  I am the Covid Lead for South and have helped to support our Practices with the Spring and Autumn Booster Covid Vaccination programmes. 

The role is varied, we assist Practices with new projects for patients.  We assist patients to navigate areas such as booking Learning Disability reviews.  We attend MDT meetings with colleagues for Elderly Care Homes and Learning Disability homes, ensuring records are correctly documented.  We also assist with contacting patients regarding Breast Screening invitations and there is so much more to this role.  The work we do helps the PCN and Practices achieve their DES and IIF targets.

I really enjoy coming to work every day.  I knew at interview that I really wanted to work in this role with these people.  I am lucky to work with such great colleagues and talented people across the PCN and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and my role of Care Coordinator to help support patients and Practices within South Doncaster.

Jodie Watts

Care Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jodie and I have been a Care Coordinator for Doncaster South Primary Care Network since March 2022.  Prior to joining the PCN I worked in general practice in Doncaster for 15 years starting as a receptionist moving up to administrator then finally admin manager and finances before my departure.  I have two teenage sons and enjoy attending Doncaster Horse Racing fixtures in my spare time with my husband and friends.

I enjoy my role of Care Coordinator within the South PCN working alongside the wider ever-expanding team and also enjoy the challenges my role as Non-Clinical Cancer Lead for South PCN brings helping the team focus on meeting the cancer DES and IIF requirements for our practices patients. I support our Practices with areas such as Covid Vaccinations, Learning Disability Annual Health Checks, assisting with structured medication reviews and cardiovascular (blood pressure) checks for patients, referrals to social prescribing and weigh management services as well as referral to other ARRS services to help the PCN and the practices achieve their targets.  I work directly alongside Eden Brunning and Zoe Seymour to assist Nayar, Edlington and Tickhill & Colliery Practices assisting the rest of our practices across the south as and when required.

Paige Scott

Care Coordinator

Hello everyone! I’m Paige and I have been a Care Coordinator for Doncaster South Primary Care Network since July 2022. Prior to joining the PCN I worked in Health and Justice as an Administrator focusing on Physical Health external and internal appointments, Complaints procedures and medical records requests. Furthering my role within Health and Justice I then progressed onto Clinical Care within the Prison.

Joining the PCN has enabled me to develop my knowledge and skillset gained from my previous roles. So far, I have helped to support our Practices with areas such as Covid Vaccinations, Learning Disability Annual Health Checks and assisting Practices to complete new projects for patients. Whilst also assisting the PCN and Practices achieve their targets. I look forward to developing my skills as a Care Coordinator to continue to support patients and Practices within South Doncaster.

Zoe Seymour

Care Coordinator

Hi, I’m Zoe and I have been a Care Coordinator for Doncaster South Primary Care Network since June 2022. My background prior to joining the PCN was in Administration and I worked in several roles gaining a wealth of experience.

I thoroughly enjoy my role within the PCN working with a great team. I’m helping to support our Practices with lots of projects such Structured Medication Reviews and Cardiovascular checks for patients to help the PCN and the practices achieve their targets. I have also assisted the team with Covid Vaccinations.  I look forward to continuing to help improve the services and care that our practices provide for the residents of South Doncaster.

Beth Bibby​

Care Coordinator

Eden Brunning

Care Coordinator

Hello, I’m Eden and joined Doncaster South Primary Care Network as a Care Coordinator in February 2023. Previously, I worked for NHS Blood and Transplant as a Donor Carer, taking blood donations on the Sheffield mobile team and still do bank shifts occasionally on the weekends to help out and keep my skills up!

I am really enjoying my new role within PCD and the variety of work we do, no two days are the same! I am now the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Diagnosis lead, working with our own team of Clinical Pharmacists, GP’s and Community Pharmacies to identify, diagnose and treat people at risk of this disease. It has been really rewarding to see the progress we have made so far in this area and great to collaborate with so many different people and outside organisations supporting our work.

I also assist with Learning Disability annual health checks, Structured Medication Reviews, patient referrals, and overall work to help the PCN achieve their targets. I look forward to continuing this work and supporting the practices to ensure the residents of Doncaster have access to the best services and care.

Elise Jackson ​

Care Coordinator

Hi everyone. I’m Elise.  I joined the Doncaster South Primary Care Network as a Care Coordinator in February 2023 having previously worked as a Medical Secretary at Doncaster Royal Infirmary for ten years.  Joining the PCN has given me a deeper knowledge of the way Primary Care works and a better understanding of how multiple healthcare teams come together to provide patients with more personalised care.

I enjoy working for Doncaster South PCN and look forward to expanding my skills and knowledge within Primary Care.  I am fortunate to have joined such a talented, welcoming team and look forward each day to starting work.  I hope to be able to incorporate many of my skills from my experience working in secondary care and apply them to this role.  In time I would like to find ways close the gap and tighten the relationship between primary care and secondary care.

This role has given me a great work-life balance which enables me to spend more of my spare time with my boyfriend and three step-sons and I haven’t looked back.

Julie Bingham

Research Care Coordinator

I’m a Research Care Coordinator for South and I’m based at Conisbrough Group Practice with Dr Boon where I’m the main point of contact if Study Teams or patients have any queries. I started this role in December 2022 after working for the Out of Hours GP Service for 20 years and a GP Practice prior to that.

My role is primarily to organise the admin side of research.  I look at any research studies that we’re sent and decide if they’re something we would be interested in participating in.

I’m supported by a GP and work in partnership with the clinicians to identify appropriate patients, set up research studies, arrange invoices for payment for taking part in a study, enrol patients, collect data, coordinate invitations, book patients into clinics and liaise with the Study Teams.

I currently have around 15 research studies ongoing for Conisbrough with another 5 in the early stages which makes every day different!

In the future I hope to see the role taking me into other practices to help them get some research studies off the ground.

Victoria Whittemore​ ​

Network Administrator​