Social Prescribing

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Why do we need Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

It is estimated that one in five of the people who see their GP come with a trouble that cannot be cured by medical treatment. GPs spend significant amounts of time dealing with the effects of poor housing, debt, stress and loneliness.

Many people are overwhelmed and cannot reach out to make the connections that could make a positive impact on their health. Especially people who have long-term conditions, who need support with their mental health, who are lonely or isolated, or who have complex social needs. That’s when health and wellbeing coaching can play a significant role.

How can Health and Wellbeing Coaches help?

Coaches are trained in coaching and prescribing lifestyle medicine. They use their communication and behavioural-change skills to work with people at their own staring point. To change habits and set small but manageable goals.

They work with people over a number of sessions. Supporting them to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence; to become active participants in their own health and wellbeing.

Often coaches support people with long-term conditions. At other times, they work with people who are at risk of developing a long-term condition, weight management, management of symptoms and pain, or living with minor mental challenges.

They build trusting relationships, listen with compassion to what matters and motivates their patients.

The following video produced by the NHS helps to explain the role of Health & Wellbeing Coaches: